Photos from the SBRC Retirees Lunch today

It was fantastic to see old friends today at the monthly luncheon (Held the first Wednesday of every month, 11:30am, at Cody’s on Hollister).

Thank you all so much for coming – we went around the table, everyone introduced themselves and said a bit about their SBRC experience. Gathered in this fairly small room, there was over 634 years of experience. SBRC absolutely rocked the world and we maintain those familial ties forged so long ago. Awesome. I’ve attached some photos taken around the table today, you just might recognize a few of these faces!

I will add these to our Facebook Page (SBRC/SBRS Alumni), if you’re on Facebook please join us there!

And remember our WEBsite ( for adding your own photos and stories!!

With love, honor, and respect,

Your fan Diane

2018 0420 Santa Barbara - Marie and Dick Cline, Gene Peterson, Jim Young, Diane Sova2018 0502 SBRC Retirees Lunch 12.52.552018 0502 SBRC Retirees Lunch 12.53.032018 0502 SBRC Retirees Lunch 12.53.052018 0502 SBRC Retirees Lunch 12.50.462018 0502 SBRC Retirees Lunch 12.50.582018 0502 SBRC Retirees Lunch 12.51.152018 0502 SBRC Retirees Lunch 12.51.272018 0502 SBRC Retirees Lunch 12.52.042018 0502 SBRC Retirees Lunch 12.52.47

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