Remember Keith Coulter

Keith was a good guy.  He was skilled, he was friendly, and he would make work pleasant.

In growth years SBRC rented numerous building for offices.  Relocating offices was common.  Moving was fully organized and worked efficiently.  Each person was notified of new office location and move date.  Prior to the move each employee packed all books, papers, etc in cardboard boxes.  Each box box was labeled with building and the new room.  An office plan was taped to the door so the movers would arrange desks and cabinets as the employee desired.  We went home on Friday and Monday morning our new office had the furniture nicely arranged.

Except for Keith Coulter.  Someone passed his office late on Friday night and changed the assigned location for office destination.  His office furniture, cabinets, books, everything was sent to some other location leaving no clues about where everything was sent.  On Monday he walked to his new office and found it totally bare.  Now, Keith enjoyed a joke but it was soon clear that he did not find this funny.

SBRC was a company that would tolerate some humor of this type.

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